San Diego Lawyers Dedicated To Legal Malpractice Claims

People trust their doctors, accountants and lawyers.

These professionals provide critically important advice at times when it is needed most.

But sometimes, that critical help from a trusted lawyer just doesn’t happen.

Lawyers can fail a client because they are not proficient enough in a given area of the law to deal with an issue, fail to timely address the legal rights of that client, hold personal conflicting interests that shades their ability to do the best for their client, or sometimes even act intentionally against a client’s interests.

These are very distressing conditions usually the exact opposite of the client’s hopes and expectations – but they do happen.

This Legal Malpractice area is so important to the correct practice of every discipline of law, the State Bar of California has recognized it as a separate area of professional expertise.

This is what we do.

In a professional and deliberate fashion, we assess the issues of professional legal failures, and advise and represent those left to bear the consequence of those failures.

Our firm’s focus is on prosecuting legal malpractice claims in a civil venue. Over the years, we have achieved a long list of settlements, verdicts and awards amounting to tens of millions of dollars in favor of our clients.

We are recognized by virtually every peer review related service as among California’s best professionals in this unique area of law.