Fee disputes occur with great frequency throughout California but prudent lawyers work hard to avoid and resolve such disputes with clients and other attorneys. When disagreements are not successfully resolved informally, it may be necessary to seek third party assistance in reaching a resolution. We handle attorney/client and lawyer/lawyer fee disputes when the amount in controversy is at least $100,000.

Mr. Ryan is a San Diego County Bar Association Certified Fee Arbitrator. When legal consumers are overcharged by powerful lawyers or pay for legal services they never receive, we can protect your rights.

Mr. Ryan is also available for retention as an expert witness regarding fee disputes having reviewed invoices drafted by different lawyers and law firms related to numerous malpractice and fee dispute claims over the years.

Your claim may be handled in a variety of venues and could be effected by an attorney-client fee agreement or retainer letter. When contacting us for potential consideration of your claim, please be prepared to provide us with the lawyer’s name, the invoices at issues, a case number if applicable and your fee agreement or retainer letter for our initial review.

We offer a variety of compensation options regarding fee dispute claims which are formulated on a case by case basis. Please call us for a consultation at 619-696-6160.