Skilled Attorneys On Your Side In Conflict Of Interest Cases

In conflict of interest cases, an attorney puts his or her interests above those of the client — or put one client’s interests above another client’s interests. If you feel your lawyer has had a conflict of interest that adversely affected your case, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Often after lawyer mistreatment, individuals may be hesitant to hire another legal representative, and may not even know that they have the right to sue a lawyer.

Stanford, Ryan & Associates, APC is a different kind of law firm. Since 1990, we have been dedicated solely to fighting for plaintiffs in legal malpractice cases, including those related to conflict of interest. From our San Diego location, we serve clients throughout Southern California and have successfully helped to collect tens of millions of dollars through verdicts and settlements.

What Constitutes A Conflict Of Interest?

An attorney conflict of interest can entail anything from a failure to provide full disclosure to intentional professional misconduct. This includes the following:

  • Providing counsel to multiple clients in a related matter without giving full disclosure and obtaining a waiver from involved parties
  • Representing opposing parties in a dispute
  • Representing two parties with conflicting interests on the same side of a dispute
  • Offering representation in a dispute where the lawyer has previously represented an opposing party
  • Having a personal relationship with a member of an opposing party, including the lawyer
  • Obtaining a percentage of the client’s business transaction in lieu of a fee

How Are Conflict Of Interest Lawsuits Resolved?

Our attorneys have more than four decades of combined experience in dealing with legal malpractice and litigation. In addition to a depth and breadth of knowledge and ability, we also believe in 100 percent transparency. After we thoroughly evaluate your case, we will provide an honest assessment of your options and, should you decide to pursue a case, we will keep you abreast of the latest developments every step of the way.

We will fight hard and smart for you during your attorney conflict of interest case, working diligently to obtain a favorable result to your case. Often, we are able to reach a negotiated settlement, but if settlement is not in your best interests we will advocate fully for a verdict in your favor at trial. We are trial lawyers.