Client Reviews

-Mr. Tone

Ray is a tenacious litigator and brilliant strategist. I fully trusted him with my case which settled on the eve of arbitration.

Complaint with Calbar

Mr. Ryan gave me pro bono advice on how to file a fee dispute claim and Complaint with Calbar concerning an attorney who treated me unfairly. My experience with him rekindled my faith that there are still some good lawyers out there.


“Five Star and Top Shelf all day long. I engaged Mr. Ryan after I had to terminate my first attorney whom I thought was selling me a bill of goods. My case has yet to go to court however, Attorney Ryan has demonstrated extraordinary skills and follow through. He identified two minor errors and one major error committed by my former attorney. In addition, he is undoubtedly extremely aggressive. I am 65 years old and feel that my matter is being handled in a most competent manner. Call and have a conversation with him.¬†I always feel like he just got through doing some work on my case. This is the type of attorney you will praise, talk about and pass around to your friends. Do yourself a favor. HIRE THIS GUY ! ! !”

John R.

“Raymond Ryan successfully represented me through three cases spanning a number of years. Having originally hired an attorney who was eager to take an initial offer to settle, I switched attorneys and hired Ray, who dramatically increased the amounts we were able to recover.

Every time we met he always impressed me with his knowledge, intuition, and passion. Having Raymond on my side increased my confidence when facing certain situations that were somewhat stressful and/or uncomfortable. When I had questions relating to any of my cases, Ray was there to provide accurate insights and detailed information.

I really can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Ray as my advocate. Ray always had my interests in the case before his own and he never backed down when facing an entity that has the power to bully and crush individuals into submission.”

Kierstin R. – Oceanside, CA

The firm recently helped my family with a legal malpractice case involving our former probate attorney. The facts of our case were particularly convoluted and complex. They took a lot of time to understand our case and investigate the background, where other lawyers we were interviewing simply gave up or lost interest. After they decided to take our case, it only took a month or two for them to negotiate a very favorable settlement. They were strategic and very efficient and the process went much faster than we all expected with very little effort on our part. Our experience with this firm far exceeded our experience with other lawyers and we are thrilled with the outcome.

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) recently required the services of a legal malpractice firm. After conducting a thorough search, MTS retained the firm in this special area of law. The matter resolved prior to litigation with a great result. MTS highly recommends the firm for legal malpractice matters.

Anonymous Client

“What a wonderful experience we had with Raymond Ryan! Raymond’s expertise, commitment to excellence, very timely, consistent correspondence with us, his character, and ability to work our case efficiently were of great comfort and hope throughout our case.

Ray kept us informed of the reality of the case, possible scenarios, possible results, while also creating a hopeful narrative, helping us to be at ease throughout what could have been a very daunting process.

Our case was difficult and emotional. It depended on intricate details and documentation. Ray executed the whole thing with apparent ease. We never questioned the direction in which we were headed with the case or Ray’s ability to get results. We felt absolutely confident in Ray throughout.

Gold star, blue-chipper 100%! I would absolutely recommend Raymond Ryan to anyone who needs a professional, hard-working, knowledgeable, thorough, “thinking” attorney. He got results. The entire experience was very positive!”