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Stanford, Ryan & Associates, APC
California’s Legal Malpractice Specialists

We prosecute professional negligence claims against negligent lawyers and law firms throughout California. The firm’s senior attorney, Dan Stanford, has specialized in this unique field of law since 1990. Mr. Stanford is one of approximately one hundred certified legal malpractice specialists in all of California. He is regarded by his peers as one of California’s foremost experts in litigating complex and high stakes legal malpractice claims. Mr. Ryan has extensive trial and litigation experience and has appeared on NBC News as a recognized expert in legal malpractice. Our team of professionals and staff work relentlessly towards perfection, precision, and optimal results for our clients. We offer flexible payment agreements and pay referral fees to lawyers that refer clients to us. Our firm typically represents corporations and high net worth individuals concerning claims involving millions of dollars. 

What is Legal Malpractice?

Legal malpractice is the common term for professional negligence by a lawyer. This is a complex and unique area of law recognized by the State Bar of California as a specialized niche. It usually takes another lawyer to discover legal malpractice which is why most of our cases are referred to us by lawyers and we pay generous referral fees.

Legal malpractice claims can arise from any type of case, but most commonly involve the three major categories below, and may also include: 1. Missed deadlines; 2. Failure to timely tender a claim to an insurance carrier; 3. Failure to assert a cause of action; 4. Failure to designate experts; 5. Failure to present or contest damages; 6. Abandoning a client; 7. Charging unreasonable fees; and 8. Evidentiary mistakes.

Conflict of Interest

A lawyer owes a very high duty of loyalty to a client and must make certain disclosures and obtain waivers regarding potential or actual conflicts of interest that may or do arise. Read More

Failure to Competently Advise

Lawyers sometimes fail to convey an offer to a client, fail to advise of potential causes of action, provide a poor legal strategy, overlook damages, misstate the law, or make errors related to expert witnesses. There are many other acts and omissions that fall below the standard of care.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

The relation between attorney and client is a fiduciary relation of the very highest character. Lawyers are obligated to place a client’s financial interests before their own and must protect a client’s money, property and financial interests. Read More

Client Reviews

Dan Stanford and Ray Ryan represented us in a complex legal malpractice case against multiple law firms (including two from Minneapolis) that lasted several years. Dan Stanford was dedicated, aggressive and thorough. We prevailed and he literally saved our lives ‘savings.’
– Mark and Bridget A. – Solana Beach, CA

When we had to sue our lawyer for legal malpractice, we had a tough time finding a lawyer who would sue another attorney. We were fortunate to be referred to Dan Stanford of Stanford and Associates, who handled a difficult and complex case with a wonderful combination of finesse and aggressive tactics. We have never forgotten his fine work for us.
– John and Barbara H. – Alaska

Dan Stanford was the pioneer in the field of suing lawyers and law firms. He was perhaps the first lawyer in California to limit his practice to representing clients against lawyers. And, after 38 years of practice, he continues to be the premier legal malpractice trial lawyer. He handled my case with perfection.
– Pat S. – La Jolla, CA

Recent Case Results

Almost every settlement we negotiate includes a “confidentiality” clause which the defendant lawyers require to protect their reputations. As a result most of our best results are confidential.

Green River v. Todd Macaluso
Practice Area: Legal Malpractice
Date: July 2015 Outcome: $6,642,932
Description: A San Diego lawyer converted litigation loans and forged his client’s signature to obtain access to $6,000,000 in litigation loans and proceeded to convert and commingle the money to support his own lavish lifestyle.
Jury Trial Practice Area: Legal Malpractice
Date: Feb 2016
Outcome: Confidential settlement after verdict
Description: HOA vs. lawyer.

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