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Legal Malpractice Lawyer

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The Legal Malpractice Firm, APC
Cal Bar Certified Legal Malpractice Specialist

The firm litigates high value legal malpractice claims and large fee disputes against attorneys and law firms. There are about 120 California State Bar Certified Legal Malpractice Specialists in California but only a fraction represent clients against their former lawyers. We handle the largest, most complex, and serious legal malpractice claims and fee disputes in California and sometimes in other states. Our principal lawyer, Mr. Ryan, is a Certified Legal Malpractice Specialist and an expert in the field. Mr. Ryan is also an upper echelon litigator and trial attorney who has the modern technical skills and experience to optimize your chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Mr. Ryan has successfully litigated legal malpractice and fee dispute claims for corporations, billionaires, millionaires and individuals involving malpractice in: Commercial litigation; Bet-the-company litigation; Construction defect; Cannabis law; Business disputes; Family law; Negligently drafted documents; Wills and trusts; Real estate; Employment law; Wrongful termination; Patent Law; Personal injury/wrongful death; Premises liability; Tax law; Government claims and contracts and a variety of other types of cases.

Lawyers can commit malpractice or breach their professional obligations to clients in a variety of ways that are unique to each case. Do not make the same mistake and hire the wrong lawyers again! If you believe your lawyer has caused you financial harm call or email us today.

Although our record and results are unprecedented in this field, each case is unique and results are never guaranteed. We do not provide free consultations or free legal advice to prospective clients. However, if you want a consultation, you may schedule an appointment and pay a consultation fee.

Client Reviews

Ray is a tenacious litigator and brilliant strategist. I fully trusted him with my case which settled on the eve of arbitration.
-Mr. Tone

Mr. Ryan gave me pro bono advice on how to file a fee dispute claim and Complaint with Calbar concerning an attorney who treated me unfairly. My experience with him rekindled my faith that there are still some good lawyers out there.
-Complaint with Calbar


Recent Case Results

Mr. Ryan recovered tens of millions of dollars over the years. However, our case results are confidential out of respect for our clients’ financial privacy rights, the reputations of the negligent lawyers, and in compliance with confidentiality terms of settlement agreements.

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